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How Thoughts and Emotions Affect Your Health

Freedom From Chronic Pain
Published by Grace Howlett in Living Consciously · 11 May 2016
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Hello there.
My name is Grace Howlett and I’ve been a therapist for about a dozen years. At least that’s how long it’s been since I got my first certification with reflexology, but I think I’ve actually been doing this work since I was about four years old.
I grew up on a farm here in the Regina area and I was very involved with my farm. I have a real love for the natural world and that’s carried over into my career because I know in health and healing of human creatures that there are laws that govern us and there’s rules that we can follow that will lead to our happiest and healthiest way of living.
One of the most important things I have found in my healing work is that the more joy we can put into our every day the better our outlook and the more resilient our bodies become. The more optimistic and secure we can feel inside at the very core of our being the better our bodies and our spirit will be able to handle whatever life throws at us.
So what is it that makes a difference in the effects of a positive versus a negative thought?
If any of you are familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work you will have seen pictures of ice crystals that he took in an MRI machine. It is basically snowflake type pictures. Through playing around with this machine Masaru discovered that by simply thinking particular thoughts or types of thoughts onto a sample of water he could control the type of crystal formation that would result when it was frozen. This concept might sound strange to some of you but what he did was he would collect samples of water from various sources, take pictures of them at their natural state, and then he would play around with thinking different types of thoughts at the water and then take their picture as single ice particles.
Now two things are important out of this; one of them being how easy it is to imprint a thought or an emotional pattern into something. It doesn’t take fancy equipment. It doesn’t take high-voltage electricity, all it takes is a thought. So that’s what he did. He would take a container of water just hold it in his hand, and think thoughts at it. That’s all you have to do. It makes it even better if you can add a little feeling to that thought from your heart. So for instance he took two samples of tap water and put them into separate containers and one of them he held the thought of love, and into the other container he thought the thought of hate. And the really astounding thing is that the water, no matter where it came from, if it had a positive feeling thought directed at it, the sample would come out with the most beautiful symmetrically formed and intricate crystal or snowflake shape. And the water samples that had negative or harmful or destructive thoughts intended towards them all had twisted distorted deformed water crystal patterns. What thoughts are you thinking towards yourself? This is the second important finding.  The amazing  and almost shocking behavior of the crystal pattern differences. Now this is particularly important when you think about the human body is made of at least 70% water.
When Masaru realized this discovery he became a passionate advocate for people all over the world to focus on joy and peace and love towards themselves and others because this was the only path to our own greatest health and also to that of everything around us. For the planet is a living entity as well.
The two things we’ve learned here are how almost dangerously easy it is to change something with our simple little thoughts and the second is how profound the differences between a loving uplifting thought and a damaging thought.

Encouraged by his first experiments with the water crystals Masaru also experimented with food spoilage and the quality of thought focused on those food samples. As a project for school children he would have them set three jars on the table with a little bit of cooked rice and water in each one. Then he had them take a piece of masking tape and on one wrote “ love”, and the second one they wrote” I hate you” and on the third one they just left it blank. And what everyone discovered was that the rice sample that had the words’ I love you’ written on it -not spoken, just the words themselves- that sample did not spoil or go putrid at the end of two weeks. The sample that had the words ‘I hate you’ written on it spoiled and went putrid. The control sample, the one with just the plain tape, spoiled as well but was not putrid.

Again this illustrates the power of thought and feeling over the physical state.
Another way that we can illustrate this using a human being is by asking someone to muscle test with you.

Think positive happy thoughts. Muscle test
Think despairing, sad, negative thoughts. Muscle test
Then think more positive buoyant thoughts, and muscle test again. Your arm will be strong with uplifting feelings, and weak when you feel the sadness or worry from the negative thoughts.

This is just a very quick way to really illustrate how feelings and thoughts can really make or break us. When you were thinking rather dismal thoughts you could see you barely had the strength to lift your arm. So how can you expect to go through your day and do all your tasks and work and have any resources when you barely have the strength to keep your arm up? You can imagine the effect that this will also be having on your immune system and your mental state, being fed a diet lacking in love. But as soon as you turn your thoughts and allow love to stream in and joy to bubble up you have strength to spare which will help carry you through your day without fatigue, without being all draggy and tired, and will help your body resist flu bugs and all sorts of other maladies that humans collect when things start to degenerate.

Another way that emotions can really affect our health and healing is when we have a strong emotion trapped inside our body. This emotion can become stuck in an organ or a muscle or on anywhere that is “you”. Sometimes these emotions get trapped during a really intense experience such as a car accident, or a fall. Sometimes these trapped emotions get stuck when something really shocking happens to us, like when we get yelled at or sometimes even just from the day to day belittling thoughts that we think of ourselves. These usually small areas of trapped emotion become buried in the body and can cause more work for ourselves in numerous ways. Dr. Upledger, the man who developed the CranioSacral therapy curriculum, referred to these little energy pockets as energy cysts. They behave a lot like a regular cyst but they aren’t something physical that can be removed with surgery and nor are they apt to spread as in a cancer. But like a regular cyst your body has to cope with this interference, this foreign article that has gotten in the way of your body’s information pathways and its way of moving and so your body puts out a lot of effort to keep this energy cyst walled off, out of the way and it tries to cope as best it can with this intruder. Llike any other cyst it’s a hindrance. It’s in the way. It causes interference and it causes pain.
Sometimes these energy cysts are very obvious and often manifest in the case of a physical accident of some sort, say a broken arm after a fall.  Let’s say after the arm has healed and the doctor says that everything is fine you still have a lot of pain. So much so that you’re convinced that something has to be wrong in there. But there isn‘t really anything wrong. What’s happened is that at the time of the fall you experienced some strong emotion. Probably it was fear. Maybe even just a startled fear because usually when we fall we’re not expecting it, and then once we’re in the motion of actually falling were afraid of how bad it’s going to be. In a perfect case when we have some sort of an impact the trajectory of the force should go cleanly through the body and exit. But what can often happen particularly in an accident where there is movement such as when you slip and fall on stairs or in a car accident with multiple hits or rollover -or the very best and most complicated cases I’ve discovered, are people who work with livestock who have repeatedly been pummeled pounded, thrown to the ground or pushed into corral panels- these people are moving, bending or being tumbled at the time of the impact so the force from the blow usually ends up reflecting off a bone or other surface and staying stuck usually somewhere near the injury. It really helps make these energy cysts more stubborn if they are fused in with strong emotions, such as the ones you can imagine in a serious accident.
Another form of energy cyst which really affects your health are the emotional ones that come from not living your truth. These are the kinds of emotions that would fall into the” buried and suppressed” category. These are the ones that come when you settle for less than you know you want with your life, the ones that grow from working in a job you don’t like or living where you don’t like or doing things you don’t want to do day in and day out. They also form from the fear that comes when you know you need to make a change but you don’t know how or where. Sometimes these emotions are just referred to as blocks and they can come from belief systems as well as the caliber of the thoughts that are running through your head day today.
How do you know if you have an energy cyst or block?
Well, the biggest indicator is you have pain somewhere and there probably isn’t any real detectable physical reason for it.
The danger is that if you ignore it and aren’t willing to try and work out it they will continue to limit your health and your happiness. With a possible cumulative effect this could read lead to real serious health issues at some point. Anything that affects the nerves and the flows of the body will have negative impact.
How do you get rid of them?
Well, that’s where I come in. I and many other holistic health practitioners. People who are trained can help you let go of those problematic energy cysts, and energy blockages so they dissipate and the flows and pathways will reopen, reintegrate the energy and allow your body to function normally and cleanly once more.
On a deeper level working with the practitioner can help you come to emotional terms with what caused the block in the first place which will not only effect  deeper healing but will also lessen the chances of it reoccurring.
Another interesting thing you’ll find is many indefinable pains are related to movement in our lives.  When we want to make changes but are holding back for some reason.  If you’re stuck, on any level, and your purpose is calling, you’re going to feel it. This comes from suppressed energy, suppressed emotions. Killing your joy.  Limiting your ability to feel. It happens when you trade “I can cope with today” for “I’m going to do it and make a change”. We’re always balancing ourselves, always trying our best to hold enough energy to carry us through each day without getting too depleted. On the flip side of the coin we could be flowing with fewer hindrances, have more energy and juggle less. Our priorities would simply be the guidelines of our heart and we would follow easily, and without struggle.
For the guys out there all this emotional stuff might not be of much interest to you but everything I’ve talked about affects every person. We’ve all got stuff, we’ve all got issues. We’re all working every day to be as bright and happy as we can. So perhaps you might find it more helpful to just think of it as getting rid of hindrances and think of your emotions along the line of a cause-and-effect mechanism and work towards what’s going to bring you the greatest effect. So you’ll need to watch your causes. Your triggers. If thought A brings about B and B keeps bringing you a pain in your right side then you’ll have to watch for A and try and think in a new way.
Changing our thoughts is just the tip of the iceberg -it really goes much deeper than that but we don’t have time for that today in this article. Because it’s not just the thoughts it’s the feelings they carry. And the feeling and the emotion comes from deep inside. Part of the process, a large part of the process, is changing and monitoring the chatter that goes through our minds all day every day. This is work.  Yes, let's be frank and honest. It's not easy-peasy. There’s too much there to notice all the time but every once in a while just tune in and notice what you were saying and thinking and then notice how it was making you feel. Remember Masaru Emoto and the water crystals. What type of crystals do you think you were forming? Were you feeding and nurturing and strengthening yourself or tearing yourself down?

This is really important because, really, it is everything.

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