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My Journey and Big WHY

An interest in healing seems to be connected to the Howlett line, so perhaps it was ancestry, perhaps it was a trait I brought here with me or perhaps it's something I learned. Either way I have always wanted to make things better for people and animals (and birds).

I was born in the late '60s into a large and dynamic family. The second youngest of the bunch, I was determined to keep up with my much older siblings.  We were a busy and happy family.

About the time I was four years old  my father had a nervous breakdown and this happy-go-lucky wonderful person changed into a sombre almost brooding man with strict ideas of what was good and what was not and our whole world changed. The effects of his mental illness affected the whole family.

In 1991 at the age of 55 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and thus began an exhausting 6 years of therapies from mixed origins spanning the conventional and alternative. I became her primary caregiver, administering medicines and comfort. Through this tough experience is where I  admit my real passion started for doing healing work. We met a great many people who shared their stories and their struggles with us, and also their frustration with the health system and their own bodies. From this I developed my theories and philosophies about health and healing.

After my mother died at home in 1997 and struggling to cope with my father and keep our small farm running my health began to suffer. In 2001 I had connected with my lovely angels but life was too much and I could literally feel my aura shorting out. I was a disaster waiting to happen.

Then in stepped CranioSacral Therapy delivered through the hands of my caring neighbour. Through the many sessions she gave me I started to find balance. It affected me so profoundly and so deeply that I vowed if ever given the opportunity, I would learn how to give it myself.

In 2003 my father passed away from a heart attack. It was April 30. And so began my career as a sole-proprietor farmer. That, of course, is another tale and one that doesn't need to be mentioned here except to say that I realized real quick that farming was not my heart's desire. Helping people and healing are my heart's desire.

From 2004 and into 2016 I have taken more than a dozen healing courses.  I became a Certified Reflexology Therapist, a Reiki Master-Healer, took 4 levels of the Upledger CranioSacral Therapy system (focusing on trapped emotions in the body), became a practitioner in Matrix Energetics, a Certified Life-Coach and numerous other workshops in healing.

From a healer's standpoint I've done a lot of healing. I've had the unique opportunity to spend a lot of time thinking, pondering and learning. My family life, though negative in many aspects, still provided a cornucopia of learning and observation. I have seen and felt and lived through and overcome many things my clients are also dealing with and my past experiences enable me to connect and be of assistance to them in a much better way, I feel, than just through sympathy or empathy.

I continue to learn. I continue to heal. I am now embarking on the Greatest Chapter my life holds yet. And I am enjoying every minute of it.

In Peace and Love,
Grace Howlett

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