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The Role of Ancestors in Healing

Touched By Grace Wellness-HeartCoreHealing, CranioSacral, Reflexology,QHHT, Energy Healing, Reiki
Published by Grace Howlett in Living Consciously · 29 September 2018
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The Role of Ancestors in Healing

It doesn't always happen. It doesn't have to happen. But when a client's ancestors make an appearance in a healing session, it always helps me to know my client is loved, cared for and supported in ways they may not even be aware of.

Their presence is always gentle and protective. Sort of like a guardian angel, only different. I find the act of them showing up means deep healing for my client, and sometimes there is healing of a whole lineage at the same time. For it is possible for issues and obstacles to carry on through a family line.

For instance, during a session, a client might have a breakthrough in understanding that releases a fear that has plagued them for years, a concern that has no rational basis or known event that would have triggered this fear. At the moment the release happens it can sometimes be felt that this same issue instantly dissolves for someone else in the family. It might be a deceased mother, or it might even be other, still living, siblings. Or it might also be someone 'way further back in the ancestral line. Sometimes it will simultaneously dissolve for generations of people.  It's always a beautiful feeling when this 'ripple effect' is felt. How beautiful to know we can help others even as we are helping ourselves!

Another way ancestors are precious bystanders in a healing session is just by what they represent.

Every person is the genetic marvel of thousands, if not millions, of years of 'random' genetic combinations which culminate in that person. Bloodlines mixed, territories and nations crossed, cultures and histories blended into each unique client that walks into my office. The tales of every human in their pedigree, known or not, are represented in the person who comes to me. The power and strengths from this past, along with the weaknesses and fears, are all a part of the client's life that they are creating now. Everyone is a piece of walking history! A history mostly forgotten, yet recorded at some level by the cells. A beautiful part of humankind and soul to evolve together.

This is something to be taken into consideration and honoured during a session. While we rarely specifically work on past ancestral connections and events, I know that the group is affected to some degree with each bit of healing the client achieves.

Could it be that this is why, once in a while, a client's ancestor - usually at least a great-grandparent or older - makes an appearance at a healing and contributes to the work? Like a wise anchor, gently giving strength to the client.  

Their presence doesn't detract from the healing at all. In fact, ancestral assistance helps the client achieve more profound healing. Sometimes they'll give me clues that help rout out disruptive emotional energies for the person I'm working on. Ancestors can help someone get to the real core of the issue and clear it. And once that happens, the healing follows swiftly.

It's like the birth of an answer. And a cause for celebration all around.

Having a Reiki with Grace is invaluable for identifying and clearing, accepting, forgiving and healing past events, large and small.

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