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Why you have to grow into your healing.

Touched By Grace Wellness-HeartCoreHealing, CranioSacral, Reflexology,QHHT, Energy Healing, Reiki
Published by Grace Howlett in Living Consciously · 9 December 2018
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Why you have to grow into your healing.

A client came to see me once, several years ago. She seemed to be suffering from a myriad of complaints which had been plaguing her for a number of years. She had been to numerous doctors and specialists but none had been able to help her. She had even undergone a few procedures to try and set her body "right," but she felt just as miserable as before, if not worse.

This is not an unusual client situation. Often I am someone's Last Resort.

What was unique about this client, however, was her hope and belief that when the right practitioner could find this thing that was wrong with her and fix it, then her whole life would have to open up and she would be happy, busy, and prosperous. She wanted it to happen as if by magic.

I had to tell her that unfortunately, that's not how it works.

And nor should it.

It wouldn't be good for her if it did, actually.

While instant, miraculous healing might sound good on the outside, there would be some pretty serious repercussions if it did work that way.

You see, the human individual is a complex mosaic of memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes, plans, dreams, and more. All these things come into play to make you, you! When you're feeling great and life is going great your body is in balance with these other aspects. There is a harmony at play. You have been cultivating this balance, whether you were aware of it or not.  

Then, when the body becomes out of balance, perhaps due to accident or illness or trauma, it causes a corresponding effect on the other infinite parts of your life. Your happiness, your resilience, the memory and emotions related to 'it' -- whatever 'it' was, are all sending messages back and forth to you and through you, creating the state of being that you are living, now.

As your body heals, so will the connections which are affected. If these other areas do not heal along at the same time, there will be incomplete healing or healing will progress slowly.

Let me give you an example.

Let's go back to my hopeful client. We'll pretend she had a severe bout of pneumonia 15 years ago, when her children were small. During this time she became despondent and depressed by her inability to take care of her family the way she wanted to. Let's also say her husband's patience only lasted about two weeks into her illness. Because of financial constraints, he had to return his attention to the family business and she had to drag herself along as best she could. And she never fully recovered. After the initial illness her depression lingered, as self-loathing set in. And in all the years since, she never was able to 'turn things around' enough to feel pleased with herself or her life.

Now let's initiate Option #1, the Miracle.

Supposing I was able to re balance her body perfectly in one session. Her body is now functioning faultlessly.    

But what else has changed? Nothing.

Her life and her surroundings are still in the mold they were in from before. Her life was reflected in her surroundings... so to an extent they were a 'match' for each other.

Now she feels beautifully healthy and yet her life is not congruent with this healthy body.

Everything she touches, everything she goes to do, will be a reminder of how things used to be. It will be extra challenging for her to maintain her new strength as she deals with the overwhelming details of how her life was when she was ill.  Everyone she speaks with will be expecting her 'old' self. Not the person her healing has caused her to become, vibrant and alive.  

All the other parts of her life will be out of step to where she suddenly finds herself. Her points of reference - the parts of her life that made her feel like herself, and where she belonged in the scheme of things - will no longer be calibrated to where she is now.

Unless this particular client is prepared to create a huge mind-shift to match her healing she will re-create her health to the level it was when she first came to see me. Now, with this sudden burst of perfect health, there will need to be a complete and swift adjustment at the mental /emotional /spiritual level for her to keep the momentum going and live this new, unfamiliar, life. There is a risk that she will feel lost, 'Not Herself', at odds with the world.  And this could cause a lot of her healing to become rapidly undone. A reversal is possible with healing.  

If, and we will be kind, she quickly adjusts her thoughts and beliefs to match this new flush of health, she will be able to maintain it and her life will fall into step with her newfound energy and health.

So, it is possible for this to happen. An aware person with a lot of strength, resolve and personal understanding would be able to pull this off. It would be a trial-by-fire kind of way to heal, though.

Let's go back a step now, and initiate Option #2, Growing Into Your New Life.
Our heroine comes consistently for several sessions. During these times we discuss how her life is working, what she would like to change, and spend time envisioning how she wants her life to feel while she's living it. Over time her body heals, and her strength comes back. She learns more about other aspects of life. More people come into her circle of awareness that support her in her path back to health: some become friends, some are practitioners. As this client moves ahead, she grows. She grows stronger and wiser. And as this transition happens, she notices how the world around her shifts as well. Now that she has more vitality, she feels she can get more done in a day. She begins to learn her boundaries and how much energy she can expend on a task without overdoing it. Her circle of people shifts. People who care and are supportive stay; those who were more comfortable with her being ill fall away.

In this instance you can see how her external environment shifted and grew along with her healing. It was always a reflection of herself and her growth. The things that were stubborn were revealing stuck energy and thoughts. As she overcame them the stubborn areas were no longer a problem.  

At the end of the day there was probably an equal amount of change required for our heroine to cultivate a life she could flourish in and be healthy, and the effort it would have taken to change her heart and mind after a sudden healing. But one method took time and encouraged growth. The other method was a shock to the system.

And that's why I believe real, true healing, takes time.

Recognizing a faulty pattern and trying to change it with the conscious mind is very difficult and takes months, if not years. One or more Hypnotherapy sessions can help you slip into a more productive, comfortable pattern in as little as one session!

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