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This is the place where pain and distraction are transitioned into peace, solace and a new direction.
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Counseling / Spiritual Hypnotherapy


Sometimes, when one begins to describe hypnotherapy, we have to begin with what it is not.

There is no mind control, no being over-powered by the therapist, and no losing control over what you say or do.

Stage hypnotism has caused a lot of fear about hypnotherapy, and made it look like you could end up being the brunt of a cruel joke.

Therapeutic Hypnotherapy consists of you exploring your own mind and feelings, basically. And as a therapist I am there to guide you and help you navigate stumbling blocks and make your way through to a successful resolution.

Hypnosis does make use of the trace state. Trance is another word that used to conjure up things on the fringe.

But trance is actually a very normal state to be in. In fact, you go in and out of trance several times every day without even knowing it. Every time you become absorbed with something to the point where you "tune out" everything're in trance! In fact, if you're reading or watching a show and it becomes so riviting that you forget about everything else, not only have you gone into a trance state, but this state is also a powerful time for you to absorb new information. So, if you need to study for an exam or just want to learn new information, getting into that trance state will help you retain the information. Sometimes people call this getting into the 'zone'.  You will notice that you haven't disappeared, nor gone off to a scary place. You were right there the whole time.

So when you slide into a beautiful restful trance during a session, you might feel as though you're only sitting there relaxed, with your eyes closed. Or maybe about to fall asleep. Yet this is a positive place for you to 'get at' whatever it is you've come to see me about.

As an example, when you're at this level you can allow access into your inner programming and memory. Just being curious, you might discover why you're so afraid of something and realize it had to do with a trivial event that happened as a small child. In this state your mind and body will make sense of what happened and those lost, irregular parts of yourself will integrate, eliminating the fear.

In the hypnotic state you aren't 'steering' what happens. Your Unconscious (or some call it sub-conscious) mind is very, very intelligent and it's been paying close attention to every tiny shred of experience and thought you've had since before you were born. And if you ask it, it will show you. And if you ask it what you need to heal or to move on, it will also show you. And I am here to help you do that.

Sessions are now set for 90 minutes, as I want to give you the time you need to make the most discoveries, and do the most processing possible in our time together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me HERE.


Thank-you, Grace, for helping me with Hypnotherapy.

I wasn't really sure what to expect and for our first session I arrived stressed to the max and practically in tears. I just had so much stuff going on and was hitting the breaking point.

In your kind, gentle way you were able to guide me into a relaxed state and we began to sort out many of the things going on in my life. Each of our six sessions was a little different and, intuitively, you seemed to know what I needed to work on. we touched on a variety of areas, including health, family and career.

Several months after our last session, I am feeling more positive and energetic, opening new doors and enjoying life.

I am grateful to have been "Touched By Grace" and I know you have and will help many people on their journeys.

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