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Foot Reflexology

Working on someone's foot.

Reflexology helps bring the whole body into balance. Now it can work more efficiently and heal faster. Receiving a treatment is also very calming and relaxing, which is good in our fast paced lifestyle.

Because I am an energy worker, I also balance and clear the energy pathways in the feet (which affect the whole body). Applying healing energy into troubled areas helps them move and heal even better.

Using Foot Reflexology is very helpful for:

  • Getting over a cold
  • Removing stiffness in the body
  • Clearing up digestive issues
  • Helping with detoxification, especially of the liver
  • Coping with stress

Reflexology is a healing modality, not a foot massage.  With Reflexology very specific areas of the foot have a corelating response on certain organs and systems. We work with gentle but firm pressure and help the body clear, balance and heal by stimulating it through these reflex points.  

A standard treatment is one hour.  In this session the entire body will have received care -- through the feet.

You can also book a 90 minute session. This allows time for extra energy healing and balancing, plus a little CranioSacral - type work through the feet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me HERE.

After a Reflexology Session:

When I got into the car I realized I felt amazing. I didn't hurt anywhere. All my lower back pain was gone!
-Lorraine S.
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