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This is the place where pain and distraction are transitioned into peace, solace and a new direction.
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Privacy Policy

Here at Touched By Grace, your privacy is taken very seriously.

Sessions are conducted with your confidentiality in mind. This is necessary so you can openly share what's bothering you.

I do send out newsletters and e-mails so I can keep you abreast of visits to your locale, changes to business hours, treatment opportunities, classes and the like. The newsletter also seeks to provide you with thought-provoking articles intended to enrich your life. So if you give me permission to e-mail you, I do collect some of your information for these purposes.

I collect first and last names, and partial addresses (town and province). This information is kept secure on the servers of Constant Contact, which is much more secure than what I could personally provide.

The data I collect and record is not shared with any third parties.

You can view or change your information, or unsubscribe from further e-mails at any time by clicking the appropriate link provided on the bottom of each e-mail.

This site uses cookies that may be used to track your browsing history. This helps me understand what products or services people are most interested in.

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