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This is the place where pain and distraction are transitioned into peace, solace and a new direction.
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How It Works

How I do my work.

The method I use is one I call "Heart Core Healing™".  (You can read about it specifically HERE.)

I am trained in several effective healing modalities and have been working with people for over 15 years. In all that time my work has developed into a knack for getting to the cause of what's going on, and then it's just a lot easier to let the whole pain process come to a close and, usually, leave.

It's common today to be told to 'release' what's bothering you, and you probably flounder around inside and ask, "But how??" Well, I am your 'how'. When a therapist suggests you "Let go" of something, do you know how to do that? I can help you find a way.

Having so much experience working with people, I prefer not to use those terms anymore. Since there isn't any cut-and-dried method to either 'Let go' nor 'release', I think it's putting a lot on anyone to expect them to figure it out quickly.

Part of my process is being able to tap into information. This will give clues about why your pain is there, and sometimes it will explicitly say what happened and what to do about it. This will come out in a caring way, and is not judgemental or condescending.

I will be doing a gentle, light-touch healing method while we are having a conversation about what's going on in your body, and what needs to happen for it to be corrected.

And you are the one in control of how you want your body to heal. The way it works is as a collaboration between the two of us. I do my best to work with your energtic fields and your physical body and bring as much Light into it as I can, and you need to agree to work with what comes up and at least hear what the information is.

The best part is helping you work with your body. Your body is like a sensor, an antennae. It is always giving you clues about your choices and your world around you. As we work together you will get a lot better at hearing and understanding how your body talks to you. In this way, you will easily know what's good for you and what isn't. This will make your life happier, easier, more whole, and much less stressful.

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