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The Unconscious Mind in Hypnotherapy

Touched By Grace Wellness-HeartCoreHealing, CranioSacral, Reflexology,QHHT, Energy Healing, Reiki
Published by Grace Howlett in Hypnosis · 12 October 2017
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   Counseling Hypnotherapy

What makes Counseling Hypnotherapy special?
   YOUR unconscious mind!

Hidden within you, at all times, is this amazing part of you that only gets a chance to surface occasionally. Most of the time we operate from our conscious mind. Thats the aware part that watches clocks, thinks about what's for dinner and the million other thoughts tasks and ideas that we need to function throughout our day. The unconscious mind is that other part of you which just takes in information. It notices a gazillion other things every second which the conscious mind doesn't take heed of. It knows a lot.

It is when sitting quietly and gliding into a hypnotic trance that you can gain access to this super-observant and wise part of yourself. Every memory, thought and feeling is in there. It remembers what your Great Aunt looked like that you only saw once. It remembers what you ate for supper on your 12th birthday. It also knows why you do a lot of the things you do and say, and holds a wealth of knowledge that helps you do things automatically.

Have you ever been reading such a good book that you didn't hear someone talking to you? You were in a hypnotic trance.
If you are an experienced driver you may notice that after you arrive at your destination you cannot recall half the sights or events you passed along your way. Why? You were in a hypnotic trance.

Trance is actually a natural and normal state. It's not the mysterious mind-control mechanism it appears to be on a hypnotist's stage show. Your inner awareness will always be watching over you and will not allow anyone to get into your head and make changes you don't want.

What it CAN do though, is amazing.

When you tap into your unconscious mind you are connecting with a part of you that can help you make changes to beliefs at the very core of your being. It can show you events and memories in a new light that give you a greater understanding and often this leads to a sense of peace and even forgiveness. You can ask your unconscious to show you answers to questions, ask for hidden motives to be known, fears to be understood and released. The reasons Hypnotherapy can help go on and on. It is an amazing and powerful tool for healing and for reaching goals.

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