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This is the place where pain and distraction are transitioned into peace, solace and a new direction.
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Feeling good shouldn't be difficult. In fact, it should be a natural and easy way of being.  And yet countless women are trapped in an endless cycle of pain which impacts their abilty to function and enjoy life.

Hello, I'm Grace Howlett. I help women eliminate chronic pain so they can hear their inner wisdom, and act on it.

  • Do unexplained but persistent aches and pains rob you of precious energy?
  • Have you tried to relax, or enjoy your time off, and find you can't because of the tightness in your neck and shoulders?
  • Are you concerned about the intensity of your headaches lately, because they're making it difficult to finish your workday?

You see, the secret to deep and lasting healing is to understand and dissolve the hidden message that is inside your pain. Once you get it's message you will ignite your body's healing mechanisms. When you understand the message, you can clearly see the way to move forward in a new way that will support you.

After working together you may find that:
  • Your life seems to flow together in ways you could not even have imagined.
  • You gain clarity about relationships that were becoming difficult, and can take steps to heal them or know if it's right for you to continue with those relationships.
  • There seems to be more available time now that the nagging pain is gone, and you can not only complete tasks faster but you enjoy doing them.
  • There is space in your life for joy, because you aren't stressed out all the time.

These are just a few of the beautiful outcomes clients have experienced after working with me for a time.

How to have a Healing Session in the Comfort and Safety of your own Home

I have clients all across Canada, and I can help them without either of us leaving our own homes. How can it possibly work? Because I am a healer who works with energy and spirit, and both those things are 'invisible' and 'all pervasive'. I do my work through the ether, or the energy field that engulfs the planet. When I focus on someone, the healing energy I project travels to that person and works with and through them just as though hery were lying on my massage table, in my studio.

Here's how it works:

We set up an appointment normally.
At the appointment time I'll call you on your phone. You'll need a head-set or earbuds so you we can communicate without you having to hold onto your phone or keep it balanced on something.
I will be at my station in my studio just like we were doing a normal, "in-person" session.  I will still be able to move the energies in your body while we are connected. I'll be able to sense what I'm working on, and I'll be talking to you about it while we work together. Spirit will still offer advice and information while we are working.

I know this might sound "woo-woo" to you, or you might think that i'm just trying to drum up work while things are strained. But I assure you, this really works!
I've tested my skills out before opening this up to the world.... it works. My test people had great results. (One, it stopped her serious vertigo. Another person, not even in Canada, reported feeling refreshed, rested, and much less pain in her hip that had taken quite a blow from a fall the year before.)

The big plus right now: You don't have to leave your home. No risk of contacting any 'bugs' from other people or surfaces. Yet you still get to experience amazing results!

Thank-you, Grace, for helping me with Hypnotherapy.

I wasn't really sure what to expect and for our first session I arrived stressed to the max and practically in tears. I just had so much stuff going on and was hitting the breaking point.

In your kind, gentle way you were able to guide me into a relaxed state and we began to sort out many of the things going on in my life. Each of our six sessions was a little different and, intuitively, you seemed to know what I needed to work on. we touched on a variety of areas, including health, family and career.

Several months after our last session, I am feeling more positive and energetic, opening new doors and enjoying life.

I am grateful to have been "Touched By Grace" and I know you have and will help many people on their journeys.


My experience with you was outstanding, I’ve had nothing but positive results since your treatment and hope to see you again soon!

A happy client writes:

  Grace, was awesome session, was still emotional in evening but today was full of positive energy and healing, thank you for asking, will definitely recommend you and when in Regina will have another session!

More comments after a session:

   I felt very calm and relaxed after our session.  You provided me with much food for thought.
I downloaded the music you gave me and have started visualizing the healing light soothing and healing my body.

I am looking forward to our next session.

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