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Know When to Apply The Brake

Touched By Grace Wellness-HeartCoreHealing, CranioSacral, Reflexology,QHHT, Energy Healing, Reiki
Published by Grace Howlett in Living Consciously · 3 July 2018
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How to know when to apply the brake.

Almost everything that moves comes with a way to stop it. Bicycles have brakes, walkers have brakes. Vehicles and motor-bikes have brakes too, although some drivers seem to have forgotten the fact. The equipment is there for us to use to avoid an accident and hurt ourselves. Even if it's the other person's mistake we can slow down and avoid a collision.

There are schools you can go to that will teach you the correct and safest method of braking. They will show you how to brake at high speed, how to slow down quickly and how to avoid an object that is suddenly thrust in your path. And they will also teach you when not to brake hard, like when conditions are icy or a tire blows.

After a while using the brake comes naturally, another tool to help you navigate distance with the most safety and least aggravation.

But do you have a sense of when it's appropriate to apply the brake in your life?

Maybe you can remember a time when things were moving along and you had an uncomfortable sense that you weren't in a good place. Perhaps working at a job that you really didn't like. Or maybe in a personal relationship that kept giving you warning bells but you looked the other way. Perhaps something even as simple and common as working too many late hours trying to get a certain project done. And at the ultimate end of your experience, when you looked back, you saw the signs you ignored and sigh with a wistful, "I wish I had done that differently!"

Knowing when to apply the brake first involves an awareness of an impending danger.

So in other words, how well do you know yourself?

Do you know what you need? What you want? Your limits?

If you can answer these three questions you have a good idea of where your personal (and mental/emotional) safety ends and danger begins. These are the keys you need to be aware of to know whether it is safe for you to proceed or whether it would be better for you to back down and take another path.

And this rule applies to everything. Relationships, work, art, baking....

If you know what you need then you know what you're looking for. You know your character and your heart and have a sense of what is required for you to feel safe and secure.

If you know what you want, then you have a greater sense of what to do and where to go. You will be able to tell if a goal or pursuit is aligned with your best and happiest interest or not.

When you know your limits..... ah. Then you are golden. To know your limits puts you squarely in control of knowing when to apply the brake. Only you know where the danger lurks. Everyone else knows it's out there, YOU know how far you can go before you meet it. You know when to quit before you're exhausted. You know how much stress you can take before it becomes damaging. You know how much unhappiness you can handle before it's time to break off a relationship. To know your own limits allows you to dip into the well of life and extract your needs and wants and be able to look after yourself at the same time.

Not applying the brake in time results in what we call 'learning experiences'. You hit a stumbling block. You learn. You pick yourself up and start again. It's often the only way any of us can learn what our limits are. If we apply the brake all the time then we restrict ourselves from experiencing some things in life that might be truly beautiful. What is really needed is balance. To be able to stretch yourself and grow and be amazed by what you can accomplish, yet at the same time be able to stop and change course whenever needed.

Mastery of the brake. May it come to you easily.

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