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For beginning Reiki Healers

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The first level of Reiki is probably the one you will remember most. This is when you open up to the most amazing energy, the powerful and loving energy of Source.

You will notice a distinct increase in your ability to move healing energy through your body and out your hands. The heat and tingling will be noticable verification that a change has occured.

There are a lot of different 'kinds' of Reiki out there, but there is only one Universal Source that gives it. Some people are quite proprietory about the 'brand' that they are teaching. I believe there is only one Source for healing energy, and Mikao Usui discovered a very beautiful and simple way to tap into it. And the greatest blessing is it is shareable and repeatable.

The style of Reiki that I teach is from Mikao Usui but is also influenced by Diane Stein. To me Reiki is a beautiful and loving way to connect to the Godsource and share it with others.

In the first level the practitioner (which will be you) does healings directly. Meaning that you will be physically present with your 'patient' and will hold your hands on or close to, their body to transfer the healing energy. You will also want to do lots of healing sessions on yourself as this helps your body get stronger and enables it to handle greater capacities of the energy.

I strongly encourage students to follow their intuition and inner guidance when giving treatments. The guidelines are instructions that, when followed, will give a thorough treatment to anyone. But working with Reiki is all about becoming open and working with the aura so I do not want to limit any benefit that might happen.

Textbooks and lunch are supplied.

In this day-long class you will learn:

  • What healing energy is
  • About the different levels
  • History of Reiki in the west
  • The How and Why Reiki works
  • An introduction to the Chakra system
  • Effects on your body that you might expect
  • How to give treatments
  • How to set up for giving a treatment

You will also receive a certificate and a sheet showing your direct lineage right back to Usui himself. (I still feel amazed every time I look at that sheet!)

There will be a good portion of the afternoon dedicated to practicing the giving, and experiencing the receiving, of Reiki.

My Guides have said they would like to see a Reiki Healer in every home, and in that spirit my Level 1 class cost is within reach of nearly everyone. Cost to invest in this healing opening, materials and lunch is $220, tax included.

There will be a Reiki I class this
March 23, 2019

Please contact me to register. There are limited spaces.

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