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Do you find meditation difficult?

Touched By Grace Wellness-HeartCoreHealing, CranioSacral, Reflexology,QHHT, Energy Healing, Reiki

Do you find meditation difficult?

One of the things I often recommend to my clients is that they develop some kind of meditation practice.

I  use the term loosely, as my real intent is for a space of quiet time, a  time to let the mind slow down, and create moments where 'inner  knowings' can bubble to the surface. One can gain a surprising amount of  insight just by sitting quietly for a few minutes.

For many people this is a challenge they find daunting. "Quiet my mind!" they laugh, "That's impossible."

And here we hit one of the main stumbling blocks to meditating. It just doesn't happen. Falling asleep might be easier.

But here's the thing.

You don't have to blank your mind and hold it there.

Also I'll let you in on a deep dark secret that nobody shares.......

Nobody  can get their mind blank and keep it that way. Well, maybe a yogi guru  who has done it consistently for 20 years. But not the average person.

And here's another secret.....

That's  what meditation is like..... thoughts come up.... and you allow them to  drift by and fall into peace again.... and then another thought comes  up...... and you say "Yes, hello but I'm busy doing nothing right  now...." ..... over and over.

There  is no right and no wrong way to meditate. Different people and  practices have their preferences but they are not hard laws. The aim is  for calm. The goal is to achieve peace within the heart and the mind.  This is all that matters.

You don't have to sit quietly  for a set number of minutes, either. While 20 minutes or more is ideal,  forcing yourself to sit still for that long might feel more like  punishment than bliss. Start where you can, and move from there.

With  practice (yes, that's why they call it a Meditation Practice!) you'll  get into deeper and deeper calm (a meditative state!) and be able to  sustain that for longer periods. You'll also find that once you can get  into that deep calm state that your access to what I'll call 'hidden  information' gets easier.

Listening to calming music or  meditation CD's (or sound tracks) might help you get into a relaxed  state with ease. Personally I often do this. I find music helps me stay  more focused on letting go and connecting with Source. Otherwise my mind  drifts too.

I hope you will consider and experiment with this. It is very helpful for healing from within.


A  music that I find very helpful is created by Kip Mazuy from New  Zealand. He has several tracks of music that help you let go and move  into a state he calls Bliss. He also has written a couple of e-books on  meditating that you might find helpful. I'll put a link to his website HERE.

Having  a Reiki session is very much like meditation. You enter a very gentle  easy place while I recharge and balance your aura, and clear out and  mend impurities, tears or other damage. This helps you move through life  more whole and functioning better on all levels.

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