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About Me

I was born and raised on a grain farm close to Regina, Saskatchewan and have spent most of my life taking care of other people, pets and plants. When I think about it, I don't know if I know how to do anything else! Doing things for other people has always been one of my greatest sources of joy and to be able to incorporate this into the work I do for a living is simply wonderful.

CranioSacral Therapy

Because emotions and our mental aspect are coupled so closely to our health I have taken 4 levels of CST training through the Upledger Institute focusing on the SomatoEmotional Release technique in addition to basic CranioSacral. I love the Cranial work, it really is my favourite because it goes so deeply into where the problem lies in the body, as well as allowing healing of thoughts and emotions as well.


Orca Institute of Professional Training in Vancouver BC is where I took my Hypnotherapy training. And I have supplemented that with many hours of study on my own, seeking to understand more about this amazing way of working with the inner mind to help people.


I became a Certified Reflexology Therapist through RAC in 2004 and have since seen the faces of hundreds of people transform from tired and worried to glowing, relaxed and smiling. This is another avenue of deep healing which is fantastic for bringing things into balance and relaxing the whole body. Reflexology is a beautiful way for me to connect and help a client on all levels of healing.


This was my first journey into healing and the realm of energy. By 2005 I had my Reiki Master attunements and taught my first class in 2007 (Making me a Reiki Master-Teacher.) Since then I've taught many classes and use my Reiki ability almost daily for others and myself as well. I am known for my 'hot hands' as energy flows immediately from my hands, even when just discussing healing my hands get hot! I work continually to make myself as clear a channel I can be to run this life giving energy from Source.

Intuitive Ability

Ever since I was a small child I saw things but didn't realize I was seeing things others didn't. Psychic ability and the paranormal has always intrigued me but sadly levitation and playing chess with ghosts just never happened, leading me to believe for many years that I was just disappointingly normal. It wasn't until constant practice with doing healing work and conversing with spirit that my senses got sharper, clearer, and I began sensing and picking up on things. I found that sometimes....not always, but sometimes I would just 'know' things. Things that were going to happen, things that had happened to a client to cause the injury. With use and intent these abilities have become much keener to the point where in my everyday life as well as in my healing work I have found these abilities extremely helpful. I have come to rely deeply on my connection to Source, to my angels and to my spirit guides. There is work to do and we do it together.

Touched By Grace

I started Touched By Grace in 2006, wanting to make myself officially in business. I struggled a bit with choosing the name, considering "Amazing Grace's Healing" as another possibility. But I liked the Touched idea, not because I'm odd, but from the TV series 'Touched By an Angel' and the idea of holiness taking part with the healing. In everything I do for my business and for my clients there is integrity of working for Source, for the Light, for Higher Power and for the betterment and uplifting of the human race and this planet.

My Mission:
is to bring people back into balance by restoring what's missing, healing what's broken and understanding what went wrong.

To help clients move forward with ease and grace, seeing the changes and growth in my clients - it's extremely rewarding.

With peace,
   Grace Howlett

If you're interested in reading about my own personal healing journey and my WHY I do healing work, click HERE.
Grace casually leans against an ash tree.
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